「足球独赢滚球规则及图解」每日新闻播报(August 26)

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「足球独赢滚球规则及图解」每日新闻播报(August 26)


>iceland's 1st lost glacier


rip, okjokull glacier. iceland on sunday honors the passing of okjokull, as scientists warn that some 400 others on the subarctic island risk the same fate. 安息吧,奥克冰川。18日,冰岛为奥克冰川的消逝举行纪念仪式。科学家警告说,这座靠近北极的岛屿上还有约400座冰川面临相同的命运。

with a theme of fighting climate change, about 100 icelanders have said farewell to what once was a glacier. 大约100名冰岛人参加了为这座消失冰川举行的告别仪式,活动的主题是应对气候变化。

scientists said it was the first of iceland's glaciers to disappear because of climate change. 科学家表示,这是冰岛第一座因气候变化而消失的冰川。

about 100 years ago, the glacier covered almost 6 square miles of a mountainside in western iceland and measured more than 160 feet thick. 大约100年前,这座冰川覆盖了冰岛西部约6平方英里(约合15.5平方公里)的山坡,厚度超过160英尺(约合48.8米)。

a plaque has been installed at the site of the former glacier, which reads: "in the next 200 years, all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path. this monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. only you know if we did it." 人们在这座冰川曾经的所在地竖起了纪念碑,上面写道:"在未来的200年里,所有的冰川都将步其后尘。设立这座纪念碑是为了承认,我们知道正在发生什么,需要做什么。只有你知道我们是否做到了。"

the plaque bears the inscription "a letter to the future," and is intended to raise awareness about the decline of glaciers and the effects of climate change.纪念碑碑文题为"给未来的一封信",旨在提高人们对冰川消融和气候变化影响的认识。


>some store more bad memories


depression-prone people may naturally form and store more negative memories than others, that are just waiting to be triggered by conflict, a new study suggests. 一项新研究表明,容易抑郁的人可能会自然而然地比别人形成并储存更多的负面记忆,而这些记忆就等着被矛盾触发。

researchers from mcgill university studying mice that were more susceptible to depression found they stored more units of bad memories in their brains and were more likely to have these memories reactivated. 麦吉尔大学的研究人员对更容易抑郁的小鼠进行研究后发现,它们大脑中储存了更多的负面记忆,并且更有可能再度激活这些记忆。

people who are depressed can hardly help but to see everything - past memories and present experiences alike - in a negative light, and scientists hope that finding differences in how their brains store information on a cellular level may explain why.患上抑郁症的人会不由自主地负面看待所有事物,无论是过去的记忆还是现在的经历,科学家希望从抑郁症患者大脑细胞层面储存信息的差异中发现线索,这或能解释为什么他们会有这种表现。

a tourist tastes kimchi, a type of spicy cabbage, at hongqi village of antu county in yanbian korean autonomous prefecture, northeast china's jilin province, april 16, 2019. [photo/news.cn]

>kimchi cures baldness?


it is known for helping maintain a healthy gut, but now scientists have found kimchi could be used to reverse hair loss.


the south korean dish of fermented cabbage, onions, garlic, fish sauce and spices is already popular with health-conscious consumers and known for its probiotic qualities.


but research shows a kimchi drink sold in south korea helps thicken existing hairs and grow new ones within weeks.


researchers at dankook university near seoul studied 23 men, some in the early stages of hair loss and others visibly thinning on top.


they were told to have a kimchi drink before breakfast and at bedtime.


after a month, the average number of hairs had risen from about 85 per sq cm of scalp to 90, and then 92 after four months of drinking the liquid.


the scientists said this was a significant increase that appeared to have reversed hair loss in most of the men.


in a report on the findings, published in the world journal of men's health, the researchers said: "current drugs can have adverse effects so their use is usually temporary. we found kimchi could promote hair growth and reverse baldness. it is a safer treatment strategy for patients."


researchers drill ice cores in the arctic as part of an 18-day icebreaker expedition taking place in july and august 2019 in the northwest passage, in a still image taken from a handout video obtained by reuters on august 14, 2019. [photo/reuters]

>plastic waste in arctic


an abundance of tiny plastic particles have been found in ice cores drilled in the arctic by a us-led team of scientists, underscoring the threat the growing form of pollution poses to marine life in even the remotest waters on the planet.


the researchers think microplastics are being blown about by winds and then transported long distances through the atmosphere.


the particles are then "washed" out of the atmosphere through precipitation, particularly snow. the discovery is especially disturbing because, according to the study, "the arctic is still widely conceived as one of the last pristine environments on the globe."这一发现令人非常不安,因为根据研究,"北极仍然被广泛认为是地球上最后的原始环境之一。"

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